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Author:  Michelle
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Date:  11/2/2003 11:10:00 AM
Subject:  Deer and Hart
Message:  It says in Torah that you must cover the blood of a deer or a hart, but put the blood of a bull, sheep, or goat into a ditch. I assume this is because a deer or a hart is a wild animal that you cannot slaughter in the usual fashion, and must cover their blood because they are pursuing the animal after they have shot it.

Yet, when I read the literature, the rabbis say you must slaughter all animals.

I know it is impossible to get close enough to kill a deer with a knife, and that if you WERE able to get close enough to slaughter one, the deer would kill you first with their razor sharp hooves. They are very dangerous animals up close.

So, how does one kill these animals? They are kosher! Do we not eat them because the rabbis have forgotten how to hunt?

Reply:  There is a farm in the catzkills that has deer, and I have had the priviledge of tasting it. They can be held down or tied down or whatever. There is no reason why one type is covered and another is not. The reason is because that's what God wrote in the great book.

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