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Author:  Miriam
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Date:  3/31/2009 10:26:00 PM
Subject:  Hand washing after mikva
Message:  Dear Rabbi,

The mikva lady where I go has me wash my hands with a hand-washing cup once I'm done and dressed. The first time I asked her what it was for, since I'd never learned of the custom and never done it at any other mikvaot. She couldn't really give me an answer, and I feel ridiculous doing it every time without knowing why or what I'm supposed to be thinking of. Is there a bracha for this particular washing? Do you know where this comes from? Thank you!
Reply:  No idea and neither does she. It has nothing to do with the Mikva.
Maybe it comes from the mistake that people make, that they always wash their hands after getting dressed. Which is possibly based on the halacha that you have to wash your hands after touching parts of your body that are normally covered.
However, I would assume you are using a Mikva that is clean and sanitary. If so, your body should be clean and therefore you don't have to wash your hands. That goes for after a shower also. A bath, I'm not sure how people get clean after soaking in dirty bath water.

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