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Author:  Raphael
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Date:  10/26/2003 1:51:00 AM
Subject:  precious neshomos
Message:  To all teachers, principals, educators, and Jewish people who care

I'm writing this with shaking hands and an overpowering surge of emotion. The words are bursting out of me, screaming begging to be heard- so overwhelming that I don't know if I could possibly make sense

Because I'm witnessing so much pain, so much bitterness and confusion and horrible messed up ideas- and it's all our fault!!

The frum world looks around and takes so much pride in the teshuva movement, in the rate of kiruv- and it's all wonderful, it's fantastic- but were only looking at half the picture

Why are we so blind to our OWN children?? We're reaching out to the whole world and ignoring the failures in our society. Yes, failures

So many precious neshomos, so many holy Jewish children, who have been turned off and pushed away by their own "mechanchim"

Chinuch?? Who are we fooling?!?! These are products of our school systems??

How can any one live with their conscience when we have not reached through to our very own "FFBs but no longer here's?? Young kids, with so much potential and such tremendous futures as members of klal Yisroel, are we walking around bitter, hurt, confused, carrying so much pain- more pain than their innocent bodies can handle. And there is no one there for them!

They ask- and they are yelled at.

"Apikorsus!! How dare you?"

They rebel- they are only expressing their hurt and anger- and they're pushed away. Judaism is a "list of rules and regulations", restrictions that make no sense to them. Life is unfair god is hiding, and the Jewish people- the ones that profess to be so high and holy- are intolerant and uncaring, and cannot accept anyone outside their own lifestyle.

Is this what Judaism is??!!!???

Every part of me is screaming, exploding with the pain of these children, of these holy souls that are getting lost.

Where's the real Judaism?? What happened to the beauty? to the elevation, to the ultimate happiness and security of our religion?!?!

Why is there so much- so many ideas on interpersonal relationships, so many thoughts on the truth of this world and our view of it- that is being denied to these children???

We know that Judaism is the one religion where questions can be answered, in which obligations can be understood- so why are we so afraid of answering?

We are living in a sick world; our nation is polarizing.

Little kids are experiencing crazy things- broken homes, violence, messed up hashkafos, confusion, death, pain...

Every child, no matter how sheltered is exposed to more things than you ever were. And it's not their fault!! And they have questions, legitimate questions, and they DESERVE to be answered. And where are you the teacher???

Why aren't we reaching out to bring them close? Why don't they feel like their being acknowledged??

They're in pain, they need love. And if you teach, you have to love.

And if you can't love, DON'T TEACH!!

because they deserve your love and your answers.

You have to know, you have to believe- in yourself and in them. And you have to love what you live.

And know why you love it. Because that's the only way to pass it on.

They're searching- honestly, truthfully searching- and sometimes it's expressed with negativity and rebellion, because they are kids and they can't do better. They don't know how to deal with life and with their feelings.

And instead of being comforted, accepted, and taught, they are branded. "you're bad... You're making a bad name for our school... if you can't do things the way we need you to- get out, 'cus we really don't care. We are too busy being holy... too holy for the likes of you."

And so they resent, they hate, they rebel, and they leave.

And they're lost-because we threw them out!!!

So we fool ourselves, we look at all our wonderful graduates- the ones that life was a little kinder to and we say, "Wow, look how many we were successful with... we had to do with those... it was a matter of protection... it's just a minority- there are so few that we have lost..."

Are we blind???

The numbers are climbing; these children are all over the place, from all circles, and all societies. And there's more and more.

And one day when we get up there and god asks us, "where are my children?" We'll parade before him with all the frum kids, who come from good fine homes, and had good fine lives, and we'll feel so proud.

And the heavenly voice will thunder again "where are my children" and there will be so many souls- too many souls- missing. Because, with those........We have failed!!
Reply:  We're obsessed with "Kiruv Rechokim," and busy with "Richuk Kerovim!"

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