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Author:  Jeff
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Date:  10/25/2003 11:19:00 PM
Subject:  Two Questions
Message:  Rav Abadi,
Your site is a breath of fresh air. I have two questions:

1. May we ask a babysitter to watch our kids on shabbos - the women drives to our house as she lives 10-20 miles away. She does not work for us during the week.

2. In terms of a woman covering her hair. Can you be very specific on how much of the hair neesd to be covered. I have seen shaitels that start an inch or two after the hairline with the front hair combed on top of the shaitel. What about a baseball hat that doesnt cover long hair?

Thanks very much.
Reply:  1) If she is not Jewish, it's OK. You didn't ask her to drive. Let her walk or take a hotel nearby. Her driving is for herself.
2) This is complicated and depends on the custom of the 100% observant Jews in that area. It's hard to set a definitive rule.

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