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Author:  Marc
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Date:  10/24/2003 9:46:00 AM
Subject:  Farshidne Mishigasen no.2
Message:  Kvod HaRav,
1. I hate to be a pest but may I go hunting for sport?

2. May one use the library in Hebrew Union College or JTS?

3. Does an Ashkenazy have to eat Glatt meat?

4. Can one marry a gentile who is not from the sheva amim (if we understand that Lo tischaten is only on those 7)?

5. can one use a solar powered cell phone on yom tov with no display screen?


Reply: 1) Ask Aisav!
2) Mah Zeh?
3) Yes
4) We don't understand it that way, and if that were the case, we would never know who was from those nations. Do you remember about Sancheirev.
5) To order in Pizza?!

1) Really may I?
2) A reform or conservative Library
4) so may one marry any gentile based on the rules of kol diparush?

Reply:  1) If you will eat the animal, slaughter it properly, and make a blessing, it's a Mitzvah. If not, then you really need to explain why you would do it. What drives you?
2) NO way!
3) Stop quoting laws that have nothing to do with it. No marrying gentiles. Period! (you knew that)

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