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Author:  Jeff Duitch
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Date:  10/23/2003 9:24:00 PM
Subject:  Some davening questions
Message:  1. In terms of the "mashiv haruach u'morid..." we say between Shemini Atzeres and Pesach, does it make a difference whether we say "hageshem" or "hagoshem" (hagashem)? If only one is proper, which one would be the right one to say?

2. When we come to the end of the bracha achrona on wine or grape juice, should we say"...v'al pri hagofen. Boruch.... al ho'oretz v'al pri hagofen" or "....v'al pri hagefen. Boruch... al ho'oretz v'al pri hagefen?"

3. During the Aleinu, is it proper to include the phrase "Shehem mishtachavim l'hevel vorik, u'mitpal'lim el kel lo yoshia?" A couple siddurim like the Brinbaum don't include this at all and even though Artscroll does include it, it puts it in parentheses implying that it's either optional or mandatory only if one's shul does it.

4. What is the proper bracha for peanut butter or cashew butter by themselves?

Thanks very much as always. Good Shabbos and Shabbat shalom to everyone.
Reply:  1) We say Hageshem
2) ....gefen
3) We say it
4) do people eat it like that?

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