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Author:  ACL
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Date:  10/22/2003 4:36:00 AM
Subject:  Mitzvah or Bust
Message:  Dear Rabbi Abadi,

It’s a long time now that my wife and I go into Kashrut.org as our regular surfing habit. We enjoy every bit of it and most importantly we also learn a thing or two.

Since I know you for a long time and we are also kind of family, I did not feel comfortable to comment on your site or even thank you for the wonderful job you do.

Rabbi, tonight after I saw your response to Manny on the subject Mitzvah or Bust, I felt a need to write and express my truly objective feelings towards your balanced approach and yet firm HASHKAFA which through all your responses in your site one can see the same. Although some people will find that it could be done sometimes with less arrogance and sarcasm, but I will say with no doubt that everyone will have to agree that what ever you do is LESHEM SHAMAYIM ONLY.

B"H I hope you will continue to bring Jews to view the Torah in a balanced way, and not be a MACHMIR on one hand and a RAHSHA on the other hand. These actions unfortunately are the Modes Operendi by a lot of Jews and one is an outsider in theYeshivishe world when he is not a MACHMIR, but worst of all he will feel the same outsider when he doesn't want to do things that HALACHA proper makes him a RAHSAH if he will do them.

I wish you all the BRACHOT in the TORAH and may you be ZOCHE to continue to be MARBEH KEVOD SHAMAYIM.

Reply:  Thanks!

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