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Author:  jay
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Date:  10/20/2003 1:34:00 PM
Subject:  oats and chocolate etc
Message:  Dear Rabbi, thank you for whatyou have taught me.
1. since oats arent one of the 5 species of grain etc, i assume the brocheh is ha-adamah right?
2. what are the five species (i was raised on the usual wheat,rye oats spelt and barley, obviously this is wrong)
3what is the brocheh on chocolate.

I also want to give you the opinion of an orthdox chemist i am friends with about cheese. goyishe is not only asur because of the gzeirah, as you know rabeinu tam allows vegetarian gentille cheese, but because it is really really tref
the enzymes are animal , and they are more than sixty percent, and they are not chemically transformed when they are used to turn milk inot cheese,
and then one hears that davar hammamid is not boteil in a thousahnd anyway,
unless you want to say that the enzyme is not edible, is that your opinion.
as it happens espciall with kashrut, i follow youi opinion. i do eat,drink gelatin and regular grape juice (here, l one third o the price of supposedly iosher grape juice, ), i dont drink stam yeinam or cheese without a hechser.

one last thing, i see adverstiesements for grape juice that is not yayin mevushal so as to be yotzei kiddush according to the rambam....at least in amaerican, idont all wines and grpae juice have to be pasteurized, and then isnt that automiticallyh mevushal
Reply:  1) Correct
2) Wheat & Barley and three other species of the same family.
3) Ha'Etz
4) It may not be a problem, but the Gezera certainly remains.
5) Don't worry about that. Mevushal is fine.

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