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Author:  Dina
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Date:  10/16/2003 11:27:00 AM
Subject:  Concerned
Message:  After reading this eye opening website (thank you for the wonderful work by the way), I became a little concerned; it seems that many of the things that Rabbi Abadi holds are very different from what i have learned. I try to read as much of this websits as i can; however i am worried that i may be doing a lot of things wrong- such as making hoetz on chocolate i never knew that so i am wondering if i am maybe making the wrong brochos on a lot of foods and if i am doinga lot of things the wrong way. What should i do from here? I want to do the right thing but now i am confused and am unsure if i am doing everything wrong!!! help!!
Reply:  Don't panic! Our job on earth is to get ourselves to 100% proper observance. It doesn't happen over night. The first thing we need to do, both men & women, is to learn the laws correctly. As we learn them, we begin to keep them. You can't go faster than you can go. Commit to yourself that you'll head there, and start going through the laws. Soon we'll be putting more basic laws in our "Jewish Laws" Section.

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