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Author:  Rachel
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Date:  10/15/2003 1:59:00 PM
Subject:  Re: shomer negiyah, tinok shenishba
Message:  Kavod HaRav- I'm not allowed to hug my brothers? How does one tell their siblings they can't touch without offending them and starting some problems...? Also, I know "every mitzvah counts," but it just makes it so upsetting and overwhelming to see these teenagers at risk...how can my mitzvot REALLY make such a big difference when there are so many of these teens going off the derech and doing so many worse things!?! It makes my Lashon Hara, lack of Kibbud Av Vi'Aim, etc. seem like not a big deal anymore...
Thank you!
Reply:  I know! It ain't easy. But the laws are the laws. That's one of the reasons I strongly encourage everyone to utilize the things that are allowed. Why restrict everything?!
Each person is his/her own world. You're responsible for your world, and things you do affect those around you and the big world in ways you can't even imagine. Every little Mitzvah is a mountain of goodness and positive energy, to such a degree that you'll be agonizing after 130 years about that each and every little Mitzvah that slipped by you. If you remember the famous part in the Schindler's List story, when Schindler realized that every little piece of jewelry was another life he could have saved. Don't worry, because your Mitzvot can help those teens get the guidance they need, but didn't have enough credits in their account, but your concern for them can cause them to be helped. The Navie Yechezkel (Prophet Ezekiel) describes this entire generation clearly. How the Shepherds, our leaders, are not minding the sheep, they're busy fattening their pockets and their egos, and that God promises to take his sheep back, get rid of those Shepherds, and to be our Shepherd personally with and through our Messiah. Don't worry about the lost teenagers, their real father and teacher still cares for them and will eventually bring them home. If you want to support the cause, don't give any charity to any of those establishment Yeshivot, and Beit Yaakovs. That's the problem right there.
You're responsible for you, Im Ain Ani Li, Mi Li. If I am not for myself, who will be for me. That's priority number one.

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