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Author:  Rachel
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Date:  10/15/2003 12:57:00 PM
Subject:  nail clippings, shomer negiyah, tinok shenishba
Message:  Kavod HaRav-
1) I don't quite understand how stepping on nail clippings can cause a miscarriage??
2) Regarding the issue of shomer negiyah, that means that I can not, let's say, hug my boy cousin or uncle, right? Does it NOT apply to certain family members?
3) I was wondering, about the many teenagers who are going "off the derech" today- are they considered Tinkim SheNishbi'u?
Thank you!
Reply:  1) That's what the Gemara says. Do you understand how eating poison can kill someone?! I don't either, but that's what the Doctor says.
2) Correct. It does not apply to father and daughter, grandfather and granddaughter, mother and son, and husband and wife.
3) No-one is a Tinok SheNishbah (Child who was in captivity) and therefore not responsible for their not being observant, unless they did not know they were Jewish and/or did not know that these laws applied to them. The 99% of us know all this. We know that our parents or grandparents have this religion and that we are expected to follow. They choose not to follow and are therefore responsible. On the other hand, those leaders, teachers, parents, and others, who have made this religion so uncomfortable to live with and who have added so many restrictions and rules that have therefore caused this flood of "Kid's at Risk," these people will be held accountable. The kids who are mislead can not say that they don't want to be observant because they don't like this or that. They must look into their religion and find out what's right and wrong and just ignore the people that are not following the true Torah. They cannot get off the hook just because they were mistreated. God is ready and waiting to help them come back to the real religion, the real Torah. They have until the last minute....., but then it's too late. When Moshiach comes, God will actively bring back his lost children. But don't wait till then.......It might become too late......

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