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Author:  Gedalya Wielgus
E-mail:  alittle2smart4u@aol.com
Date:  10/14/2003 6:49:00 PM
Subject:  shaving
Message:  Rav Moshe's tehshuva is in o.c. 1 siman 163. I didn't get a chance to read the whole teshuva. To me it sounds like it has to be someone who is a frequent shaver. So he's saying that once every 3 days is a frequent shaver. He probably means someone who usually shaves about once every 3 days,but he could miss occasionally. Back to the original question, waht does your father hold? Thanks.

Reply:  It doesn't work as a mathematical calculation. The concept is that a person shaves verses others that have a beard, and they just trim it periodically. Anyone who shaves must shave constantly or they'll look funny until their beard fills in somewhat. Therefore the concept of the Chol HaMo'ed restriction is not really applicable.

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