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Author:  jay
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Date:  10/5/2003 1:56:00 PM
Subject:  kavanah
Message:  Dear Rav Abadi,
especially at this timeof theyear my lack of concentration when davening bothers me. i think of anything else except what I am saying, especially when davening alone at home. and then i wind up writing down notes of things to do later, because i tell myself as bad as that sounds, itis worse to just try and remember things for after davening.

any ideas for better kavanah. (to be honest, reading the tefillot in english translation does help, but that isn't where i want to be going)
thank you,,,jh
Reply:  You certainly should pray with a Minyan in Shul. Absolutely no writing notes during the first Parsha of Shema and during Amida/Shemona Esrey.

A major help for concentrating during prayers, is to read it slowly and clearly inside the Siddur. Don't overpray. Say just the minimum, but keep focused. The only Kavanah (concentration) required is to understand the words you are saying upon saying them.


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