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Author:  Jeff Duitch
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Date:  10/5/2003 1:15:00 PM
Subject:  Urgent Yom Kippur shailos
Message:  While those other shailos (the ones concerning what bracha to make on peanut butter and those other 2 or 3 issues that I don't qiute remember what they were) I sent out can wait until you have a chance, there are three shailos that I would like answered before Yom Tov.

The rabbi and longtime friend that I learn with regularly with ordered Ohr Yitzchak. He is not a posek, he's in his 70's, and he used to be the shul's pulpit rabbi until about 5 years ago. This rabbi I'm talking about has lots of respect for your father, he's quite sad that many of the people we accept as rabbis don't have the halachic training your father does, and he likes the fact that your father is a true posek and has studied all the sugyos properly. This rabbi and I study Ohr Yitzchak together every week and he studies the sefer on his own as part of his learning schedule. Since my knowledge of Hebrew without the vowels is still pretty shaky, I need his help in understanding the Hebrew.

This morning in our shiur, we were studying the part of Ohr Yitzchak that discusses Yom Kippur and a few Sukkos shailos.   Here are my urgent questions:

1. Does the issur on using deodorant on Yom Kippur and Tisha B'av include ALL types of deordorants (even unscented ones) or just ones that are scented?

2. When in the hilchos section of the website it says that we must start Yom Kippur before sunset, how many minutes before Yom Kippur is it talking about before sunset?

3. When you say brushing the teeth is permitted on Yom Kippur, does this mean with or without toothpaste?

Thank you very much as always. L'shana tovah and g'mar chasmiah tovah to the entire mishpacha and everyone.
Reply:  1) Deodorant on your body is Ok.
2) Whatever you can spare.
3) With.

You'll notice that some people say "G'mar Tov!" that literally means, "Have a good ending!" I correct them for fun and tell them to say, "G'mar Samey'ach!" Which means, "Have a happy ending!" You said it properly, where it makes sense.

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