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Author:  George
E-mail:  not available
Date:  10/1/2003 1:57:00 AM
Subject:  following one posek
Message:  Here's what I don't get.
We're all supposed to find a posek and stick with him, right? I guess we're supposed to pick someone we trust and whose hashkafot we aggree with.
But if I can make a choice on whom I wish to follow, why can't I choose a psak that I like for any given situation (assuming its coming from a ligitimate rav). Why is it so important to follow one posek?
For example,let's say I aggree with Rav Abadi's psak on gelatin, because it makes sense to me. Is it wrong of me to accept that psak, since I do not usually go to him with my she'elot?

Sorry if this question sounds ignorant disrespectful. I'm being quite sincere.

Reply:  If you were learned enough to decide what is right and what isn't, you'd have to be a qualified Posek yourself. We're all good enough, and smart enough, and capable to find a quality Posek & stick to him. We need to let him decide which laws make sense. Otherwise we're not following Halachah, we're following our whims.

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