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Author:  Rachel
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Date:  9/30/2003 6:05:00 PM
Subject:  Aseret Yimay Teshuva
Message:  Kavod HaRav- I remember learning in the Shulchan Aruch that people have special customs during Aseret Yimay Teshuva. I was wondering what the point of these customs or restrictions are, if they are only kept one week of the whole year. For example, my friend mentioned that she is taping certain tv shows to watch next week after Yom Kippur. I don't understand- if she wasn't planning on refraining from tv long term, what was the point of doing it this week- G-d knows she'll be back by her television next week! (I'm not saying I think it's wrong to watch tv; I just think it's silly to not watch this week, but watch next week.) It really bothers me, and someone mentioned it could be that it's for the individual- that it shows the person they CAN be better for at least 10 days, and gives them hope for the future. I was wondering if you had a stronger point to defend it, or if it really is a silly idea? Thank you!
Reply:  It's very silly!
The only time it works is for that advanced Talmudic scholar who keeps all the Mitzvot 100%, and in this 10-day period goes a bit above the law on those specific laws that he is permitted to do so. The other 99.99% of us should spend our time bettering ourselves for year-round use.
Good Point!

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