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Author:  Elie
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Date:  9/29/2003 8:59:00 PM
Subject:  Cheese cont. and Shema
Message:  Dear Rabbi Abadi,
1) I don't understand something. Doesn't Chalav Yisroel mean that a Jew (supposedly) watched the farmer milk the cow? How could I then assume that if something is Chalav Yisroel, it is also Gevinat Yisroel? Doesn't Gevinat Yisroel mean that a Jew watc hed the cheesing process? How could I assume one from the other?
2) In another response R Abadi wrote that if a minyan for Shacharis davens after the zman alloted for krias shema, one should say all the morning tefillos and join the minyan at leining. This seems to me that it's better to say shema with the brachos in their time than saying krias shema by itself and then saying the brachos with krias shema with a minyan later. Why, then, is Rabbi Abadi advising some people to daven shema and its brachos before tzais hakochavim and then repeat it after? Why isn't the halacha the same for maariv, that he should wait to daven after tzais, even without a minyan?
Reply:  1) The market that pays extra for Chalav Yisrael is the only market that will pay that for cheese. If the milk is Chalav Yisrael today, then if & when they turn it into cheese, they will be making Gevinat Yisrael cheese to sell to that market. It's logical, and it is the fact. Do you really think there is cheese out there that is Chalav Yisrael & not Gevinat Yisrael? Yes, it is two different things, but from a business perspective it goes together.
2) There is no comparison. Did you hear of Bein Hashmashot? Do you know how that works? What does that have to do with a fixed Zman Kriat Shema that you will certainly miss? You can't put everything into one big Cholent! Don't analyze. Go sit and learn. Cover ground and get a real background in all Shas, and then you can go back and analyze. In Avoda Zara 19a it says this.

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