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Author:  Elie
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Date:  9/29/2003 5:37:00 PM
Subject:  Cheese and Rabbis
Message:  Dear Rabbi Abadi,
1) How do you know if cheese is gevinat yisroel? If the package says Chalav Yisroel, does that mean that it's also gevinat yisroel? Do you know of any brands that are gevinat yisroel? Please help me out with this.
2) How can it be that both the Gemara and Rishonim, etc. were written from God. If there is a machlokes, how can both opinions be from Hashem? Only one is true and correct.
Thanks for your time.
Reply:  1) You can assume that. All OU hard cheeses are Gevinat Yisrael.
2) The Gemara and everyone else go into the explanations. Look at the story of Rabbi Evyatar in Gittin 6b. It is a complicated concept, but very real. It's brought in many places. There are however exceptions to the rule, clearly defined in those places.

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