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Author:  ds
E-mail:  shamah6@yahoo.com
Date:  9/29/2003 6:08:00 AM
Subject:  Rabbis and science
Message:  Weren't there rabbis in previous generations who wrote that smoking was healthy (I actually read such a teshuva once but forgot who wrote it, but I understand there were several).
Reply:  The Gemara, the Rishonim, & even the early Achronim were on a different level, a level we cannot even fathom. I don't know who wrote that Teshuva, but the way health laws apply to us is that if the doctors don't see a serious problem, we allow it, and we say "Shomer Peta'im Hashem, " Hashem watches over the fools. We must avoid putting ourselves in a place of danger, a Makom Sakanah. We can only be responsible to avoid places that we should know is a Sakanah. When the doctors and society as a whole consider something OK for your health, it is considered OK Halachically. Once the data is changed and now it is unhealthy, it is now Halachically prohibited. However there have been situations in the later generations where God has allowed a Talmid Chacham to seemingly confuse some facts or be mislead. The further back you go, the less this was possible. Even the Rishonim were almost angels, even bigger than angels. Rabbeinu Tam had a debate in Halachah in his Beit Medrash with others about what was meant by something in the Torah. Rabbeinu Tam adamantly disagreed, until he finally called out and said, "Moshe Rabbeinu, come here and tell us how you really meant it." Moshe Rabbeinu came down and sided with Rabbeinu Tam. Of course the others didn't care. Torah is not in the heavens and we'll decide what you meant. The author of the Shulchan Aruch was constantly visited by a "Magid," and on a particular holiday of Shavu'out, he spoke to a whole group of Talmidei Chachamim. The sages in the Talmud were capable of bringing the dead back to life, and they did it many times. Now these people are going to be incorrect about some insignificant scientific fact?! How ridiculous is that. I think that this topic has gone on too long. An Apikores is an Apikores. I'm not going to change anyone. Once a person invites the Kefira into his world, it is very hard to get it out. The Gemara says that if it sinks in too deep and the person wants to do Teshuva, it is not possible. If the person really does Teshuva it will work, but his Neshama (soul) will automatically leave him. We follow the Chachamim for the things we want, but whatever we want to go with our own stupid opinions, we come up with our own brilliant facts that make us so smart. Please! All of you! Get off your high horses. We are all feeble minded idiots. We know less than .001% of what even the non-Jewish sages knew years ago. We sit around like complete idiots trying to form these educated "facts." We take anything that we can't understand, which is a vast amount, and we say it cannot exist. Saying otherwise would force us to admit to being less than the brilliant person we think we are. Well, snap out of it. If our entire religion comes through Mesorah, through our Rabbis from generation to generation, from Moshe Rabbeinu to the Chazon Ish, the Chafetz Chaim, etc., then we consider these people real honest and major Talmidei Chachamim. Everything they say is true. We can't cut them in half to benefit our Ga'avah. Can we say the Beit Yosef, Darkei Moshe & the shulchan Aruch is the bottom line for Halachah, sort of bringing everything together, and then consider Rabbi Yosef Kairo a mental case for imagining a "Magid," and for buying into Kabbalah? All our Rabbis have made it very clear that everything said is 100% accurate. King Solomon knew the language of the animals, he captured the King of the Sheidim, Ashmedai, and he was overtaken by Ashmedai who replaced him as King. Rabbi Yochonan would look at people at times and poof, they're dead. Even from the non-Jewish angle, there was an enormous amount of black magic and witchcraft around that really worked, to a point where almost everyone who wanted to learn it or find it was able to. The Ramba"n made a large ship move, after all the king's men could not, and then within seconds he wisked himself on another boat to a faraway land, to avoid having to explain how he did it, to the king. Rabbi Yehuda Hanasie came home for Kiddush every Friday night after he died until his wife told the neighbor. and on and on and on. We don't understand this, it is way over our head, so we negate it. It never happened. At the cost of considering an overwhelming majority of our Rabbis throughout the ages, as having serious mental disorders and hallucinations. This is what is called Apikorusut. It comes from Ga'Avah, our well-maintained ego, and it comes from our desires. If we are so smart and they are so not well, or mislead, then we can take a bit more control over our Halachic destiny. We can't go with their backwards society. Of course they say that a man can't shake a woman's hand, in their archaic little world this was unheard of. Get with reality! What kind of stupidity is that. We've lifted ourselves to such a height, that we are only prepared to tolerate the more reasonable opinions, and only after our brilliant minds agree.
BEWARE: an Apikores gets no part of the next world. But who cares we probably don't believe in that either.
I am not speaking to you specifically. I am speaking to any and all the idiots that want to negate a minute amount of what our Rabbis have said, without the backing of a qualified Rabbi with alternative sources and the proper tools.
I do not want to hear about any of this anymore. I don't know where the people have such Chutzpah from. If you want to learn the truth, I welcome anyone, & I'll gladly steer you toward it. I'm not interested in debating against Kefira, and to just get the same garbage repeated in a hundred different ways to try to torture me into submission. Never! Never! Never!
I believe in God and in his Torah and in ALL that is written there! This is after thorough research, advanced learning, and reflection. If you believe in God, and his Torah, you need to accept what the Torah says even if it does not go along with the way you thought. PERIOD! Vetu Lo Midi!

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