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Author:  Elie
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Date:  9/26/2003 6:14:00 PM
Subject:  Re: bugs growing in fruit
Message:  Dear Rabbi Abadi,
1) I totally understand and agree everything you said about trusting in our Rabbanim, but I still can't understand why today we can't say that our Rabbis made the CORRECT halachik decision on the WRONG information. I think it is possible to believe in scientific evidence and still believe in techias hameitim and angels carving stones, because these things are part of the supernatural. However, Rabbis telling us that there are such things as bugs that came from the fruit contradicts modern science and would be neccesary to believe, but they are not saying that "we know this goes against nature, but it's true anyway," theyre saying "based on the science of 500 CE, which tells us that there are certain bugs that spontaneously generate, this is the halacha regarding them." So why is that questioning our Rabbanim? Everyone at that time believed in spontaneous generation, which was later disproved. Is it so difficult to say that the Rabbis agreed with science at the time, but now that we know differently, the halacha does not apply? To say a "doche pshat" that these bugs used to exist is not neccesary. In fact, to say that spontaneous generation operates under the laws of nature that hashem set up would be rejecting all scientific knowledge that was developed in the last 500 years. Under the modern laws of nature, it is impossible for spontaneous generation to occur. That doesn't mean that Hashem can't do a miracle, like by techias hameisim, it just means that under hashgacha klalis it won't happen. Why is it any different than a Rabbi today making a psak on inaccurate information. Many Rabbis today reject the Silk Screen process for many reasons, but one, because they don't really know what it is, and they have heard incorrect information. Does this mean that they are not reliable? No, it means that someone has to tell them the truth. The same applies with the Rabanim in the gemara. So I really don't think that the Rabbis werre any less reliable than you do, I merrely believe that they applied halacha to a false idea. They put no kashrus label saying, "we supoort the idea of spontaneous generation- OU," they said "if these bugs do exist, you can eat them." thus, their reliability isnt questioned at all. Thank you for reading this extremely long quesiton, and please keep in mind that I bring all of these arguments with the utmost respect for Rabbi Abadi's opinions, and this whole post should be read in question form.
ksiva vchasima tovah- not that you have anything to worry about.
Reply:  The Rabbanim wrote the Gemara with Siyata DeShmaya, the divine assistance of God. There is no room for error. The notion that our scientists today are so much more sophisticated and smarter than the previous is incorrect. They still can't figure out how to make Mummies. The Egyptians were able to perfect a surgery that removed an animal's womb to such a science that it was done at the border by the Government officials to each cow, pig, and others, almost as matter-of-factly as buying a can of soda. The people were much smarter before, but were not so spoiled like we are today. We take the little we know to use it. We create a car to get us places so we don't walk. Then we get a membership at the local health club to get in some walking. We have all types of inventions to make our lives easier. The early generations were more spiritual than that. They were the smarter ones. They were in more control over their bodies. They didn't spend their days and nights pampering themselves. The intellectuals sat around together in large and small groups, discussing deep philosophical topics, advanced studies, religion, medicine, and all types of brainy things. Clearly there were no soap operas to keep them occupied. All of our brilliance today is only possible after the earlier generations uncovered the more complicated things. Then we take it to the next level, extracting more benefits from their invention, yet we think that we are so smart. The soldiers that ran before the King would be able to run very fast through surgeries that we have no clue about. The Navie constantly refers to "Netuley Tachol VeChakukey Kapot Haraglayim." Look into it. The stories about the Rambam's knowledge of medicine almost seem like fiction today, with our limited abilities. Until King Chizkiyah hid the "Sefer HaRefu'ot," the book of cures, people would get sick and immediately cure themselves. They would not benefit from the wake-up call God was sending them. So he hid the book. Snap out of it! You are influenced by Apikorsim. Avoid them like the plague. If you have a choice, take the plague first.

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