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Author:  Shmulie
E-mail:  koobydeh@aol.com
Date:  9/26/2003 10:17:00 AM
Subject:  bugs RE:
Message:  rabbi,
you said in your response to may question about bugs in the following way:

"Yes, even sometimes a Rabbi makes a mistake, but to begin doubting the accuracy of anything they say, is not allowed and not correct."

in no way was i ever doubting HALACHIK things that the amora'im or tana'im said, but that dosnt mean they were wrong in there scientific proclamations! they were using the science of there time. if (lehavdil) Iassac newton said sometrhing wrong about science in his writings, would that discount the incredible work he did in inventing calculus? absolutly not. Chazal listened to the science of there time. just as we do. in 100 years they may tell us something, that we always knew to be true, acctually is false. so rabbi, i would have to respectfully disagree with saying that this is "apikorsus"

Reply:  The end of that story with Rabbi Yochanan was that he looked at him and he turned into a "pile of bones." (as in dead!)
You are stepping on very dangerous turf. Respectfully or not respectfully, it is not an opinion issue. It either says this way or says that way. If you just feel a certain way and form an opinion without proving it to yourself from the Torah, your opinion is not worth much. It is Apikorsut! I wish I can be polite about this. If you believe in God & the torah, you need to work within his framework. The Gemarah indicates that the world is round. The Rabbis new the intricate details of Astrology and all that surrounds it. The Ramba"m (Maimonides) became the most well-known doctor by chance, because he was studying the knowledge of the nature of God's world & suddenly he wakes up and he is the best doctor known to mankind. He didn't go to Johns Hopkins Medical School. They were capable of creating what is today referred to as a "Golem," a full human being that can do everything we humans can do, except talk. You don't believe that one either. I know. We have a new way in our religion. You take what you want and you can have you "opinion" of what not to accept.
Apikorsut! Wake up! It's Rosh Hashana (the New Year)

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