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Author:  cl
E-mail:  cherylleiser54@yahoo.com
Date:  9/25/2003 9:18:00 PM
Subject:  misc
Message:  Is one permitted to have relations on the first night of rosh hashana? Are there any other yomim tovim that it is forbidden as well? Does it make a difference if one is in the first year of marriage?

Our backyard has a gate around it. Its about 4' 9".
On a hefsek tahara or a bedike, what is ok? Is pink or beige ok?

Can we take the kids to the circus?
We dipped a spoon into the cholent crock pot while it was on. THe spoon is milchig. What do we do?
Is a telescope muktza on shabbbos?
Have a happy and a healthy new year
We dipped
Reply:  1) It is OK.
2) gate for what? An Eiruv?! 40 inches high is OK, and if it goes all around it's fine.
3) Yes. & brown is OK too. It's redish or black that is the problem.
4) Yes.
5) Clean the spoon & put it back in the dairy drawer.
6) No
....you too!

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