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Author:  DAvid Stern
E-mail:  alein5kh@hotmail.com
Date:  6/11/2008 3:01:00 PM
Subject:  Can an Ashkenaz person follow all rulings here
Message:  Hi,
I am Ashkenaz and would like to know if I can follow the rulings posted on this site (unless stated otherwise)? I know that alot of these rulings differ from general Ashekenz Rabbi's views.

I do not have a rabbi that I follow, as I havent found anyone I am too fond of (though I live in Brooklyn and probably haven't looked hard enough as my wife like to say) and would love to be able to use your rulings as my own.

Reply:  Yes, except when we specifically say differently. You just have to read the whole question. Sometimes, the person asking, will say 'I'm a sephardi or ashkenazi'. we will answer accordingly

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