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Author:  Stan
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Date:  9/23/2003 11:00:00 PM
Subject:  Rabbis
Message:  I dont't understand how one is supposed to only follow one rabbi. For example at my shul -- and many others like it -- big rabbis will come and give shiurim concerning hilkhot Shabbat and other things, and people ask questions, and the rav tells them what the halakhah is. But then this rabbi goes back to YU or Lakewood. These people who asked him questions don't call this rav up every time they have a question, and they might never even see him again. If I was in Brooklyn for Shabbat and a question came up, I would ask a rav there for the answer, but I woudlnt be bound to him for the rest of my life, so what does it mean when everyone says that you should find a rav and stick with him?
Reply:  You have your Rav for all issues. When travelling elsewhere, you can follow that Rav then. In his area, you must follow him, if he is a qualified Rav. The traveling Rabbis should be more careful to remind everyone that this is their opinion, but you should follow your Rabbi.

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