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Author:  Meir
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Date:  9/23/2003 2:06:00 AM
Subject:  Eretz Yisrael
Message:  I was somewhat taken aback by your seemingly complete aggreement with Dovid's comments. He makes some flagrantly sweeping generalizations about Religious Zionists, implying that they are, by definition, not "observant".
I have heard theories like his before, like his claim that terrorism is proof-positive that the state is a complete failure. I happen to disagree, and I would argue the point with him tooth and nail, but that's neither here nor there. He's certainly entitled to an opinion.
But to simply lablel all of the mizrachi world (which includes a plethora of recognized gedolim - past and present) as "non-observant"... that seems far too disrespectfull. It would be comically inapropriate to say that the Gedolim who are members of Agudas Yisrael are "not observant" because they do not believe in Zionism. To me, Dovid seems equally out of line.
Reply:  It was more a personal statement from his world and from an environment that we all know too well. I don't think he meant to generalize an entire group, but rather to point out a common problem. I think you'll agree to that, and I apologize for the misunderstanding.

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