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Author:  Aryeh
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Date:  5/28/2008 3:42:00 PM
Subject:  kiddush
Message:  I recently heard that your father שליט"א holds that if one wants to fulfill his chiyuv seudah at kiddush by having two reviis of wine instead of mezonot, one cannot use grape juice, rather wine must be used. I was wondering why this is so?   Kol Tov,

Thank you
Reply:  Not exactly. You can drink grape juice for the first reviis, for the kiddush. However, to be a seuda (for kiddush b'makom seuda (you would need either mezonot or a reviis of wine. Grape would not be good for the second cup, but the first does not have to be wine. The reason is because wine is 'sa'id', meaning it satiates (or strengthens) you like mezonot does.

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