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Author:  DOVID
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Date:  9/20/2003 11:47:00 PM
Message:  DEAR RABBI:

It was with great relief that I read your comments back to the writer who disagreed with your comments on the State of Israel. I grew up in a home where the primary Jewish "observance"
was support for Israel. For my parents, like so many other secular Jews (and sadly many groups of our bretheren who identify themselves as "modern orthodox"), the State of Israel has replaced the need for Moshiach, as they see the political State as a sure sign of the end of the gallus.
How can it be that these staunch "religious zionists" can't see that the terror, the killing and the continuous harm to our fellow Yidden in Eretz Yisrael could very much be a result of the fact that Israel, the political entity that it is, is not what they claim it to be. The more I try to understand their viewpoint, the more I get frustrated that they believe themselves to be observant Jews. Zionism,
as it is proliferated iby these "modern" groups, is, for all practical purposes, a different religion than that which our forefathers carefully handed down to us. As a baal tshuvah, now observant for many years and living in one of the major observant communites in NY, I am particularly careful to guard my family from the influences of modern Zionism. My family knows the difference between "Israel" and "Eretz Yisrael". Though we all share the love of the Land, we also know that the gullus, sadly, is deepest there. May we all hear the shoffar's sounding the arrival of Moshiach and the true end of our long gollus soon. What a wake-up call that will be for misguided Israelis and Jews the world over.

Respectfully yours,

Reply:  Sadly correct!

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