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Author:  Tammi
E-mail:  not available
Date:  9/20/2003 10:45:00 PM
Subject:  Oven on shabbat
Message:  My oven has a timer that I set on shabbat night to go off right before the meal, only after it turns off the oven it beeps until I turn the knob to off. Am I allowed to set it and turn the knob off to stop the beeping?

Do I need to have pareve pots or utensils? Is there ever an instance were I would cook a pareve food in a clean Meat or Dairy pot and it would be considered dairy or meat?


Reply:  1) No problem.
2) If you know for sure that you used a pot for milk within the last 24 hours, and then you use it for Pareve, that food should not be eaten together with meat, according to the RAM"A. You don't need special pots or anything.

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