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Author:  Jonathan
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Date:  5/4/2008 8:07:00 PM
Subject:  Temporary Filling and the Mikvah
Message:  My wife read in a book that she can't go to the Mikvah if she has a temporary filling. A local Rabbi said he didn't know the answer, that it was a "compicated shaila." The dentist said she will have the temporary filling for a little over a month. Would Judaism really keep a husband and wife separated for over a month over something like this? Um, help?
Reply:  Its not a problem. However there are other cases where 'Judaism would keep a husband and wife separated'. This is just not one of them.
However, its not Judaism keeping them apart, its Hashem putting them in the situation, that causes them to be apart for reasons unknown to us mortals. Here is another angle, its better to be separated for a month for this type of reason, then being in a hospital bed. This way is painless, but very hard.

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