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Author:  Ann
E-mail:  aulibarri@satx.rr.com
Date:  4/28/2008 9:57:00 AM
Subject:  Update on the Seder upset
Message:  Thank you so much, CYA and YA and reader, for your responses. You've all given me such good advice and wise words.

CYA -- I respect Rabbi very much, still. I'm going to work to re-earn his trust, not only for my daughter's and his daughter's sake (as they are best friends), but for mine, as well.

YA -- Maybe some day Rabbi will apologize for acting out his anger, but you know, I won't wait for that. It was a tough day, and I hope he would forgive me if I did the same thing in a similar situation.

Reader -- Oh my, I know my critical mistake was giving the gifts to the kids without passing them through their Dad, first. Something I will never, ever, do again. It was due to ignorance, though, not with bad intentions. I adore his kids, and would never hurt them. So, I hope he can forgive me for being loving, yet ignorant.

Again, thank you for the help!

Reply:  Thanks for the update.

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