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Author:  JJ
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Date:  9/16/2003 12:24:00 PM
Subject:  Shema
Message:  Is sof zeman keriat shema an exact time? For example, when they announce in shul that sof zeman keriat shema is 9:44, is it OK to say shema a few minutes after this? After all, Chazal didn't have clocks and couldn't give an exact time.
Reply:  It is an exact time, because it is based on a calculation between dawn/sunrise & sunset/nightfall. Unfortunately, some of our high-tech chart-makers often make mistakes on their calculations. The sooner you say Shema, the better. When you wake up say Shema ASAP, and have in mind that just in case when I say it with my prayers, I'm too late, this one should be good.

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