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Author:  Annie
E-mail:  annie@hardknocklife.com
Date:  9/14/2003 2:37:00 AM
Subject:  Orphans
Message:  What is ones obligation towards orphans? Is a person whos parents are till alive but they have abandned them considered an orphan? If a child's parent is forcing them to break shabbat is one allowed to step in and tell them that they must not listen to that parent?
Reply:  The special obligation to orphans is to treat them extra nicely, because they are extra sensitive. The same would apply to anyone who is extra sensitive for whatever reason, and in reality to everyone. The reason an orphan and a widow were singled out is because normally they hurt easily. Don't hurt people.
The issue that you bring up is really relating to any Jew. It is our responsibility to help each other. It's hard to generalize exactly where, when & how.

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