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Author:  Rachel
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Date:  9/13/2003 11:45:00 PM
Subject:  Bechira/Hashgacha
Message:  Kavod HaRav~ I know this is an ongoing question, but I wanted to know your views on it...I definitely believe in Hashgacha Pratit- it is so evident throughout our history and every day, and of course there is the concept of bechira--- but how is it possible to have these two concepts, which are such opposites, coexist? If I make a decision not to board a flight, and then that plane crashes, was it my choice that saved me, or was it in fact hashgacha pratit???
Thank you!
Reply:  Your choice only applies to things that are good & bad.
Every day there are thousands of decisions.
The ones that are a choice between doing gad or not, are the ones that we fully control. The others are controlled by God. Which highway you take, when to brush your teeth, who you'll meet at a wedding is all in God's hands. Should I go over and welcome that person, should I avoid that part of town, should I go early to pray, these are all your decisions and in your control. Even if you make the right choice and you rush off to Shul & you get a flat tire, you still did yours & you get your points.
It's a concept you need to sleep on & start noticing in your everyday life & you'll begin to see when it's in your court & when not.

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