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Author:  Aryeh Leib Perles
E-mail:  alperles@hotmail.com
Date:  9/12/2003 10:42:00 AM
Subject:  Early Shabbos: Attemp#3
Message:  I'm leaving you with one question, and I'm sticking with straight Shulchan Oruch.
       In the Shulchan Oruch's community, on weedays, they prayed Minha after Plag so Arbit was recited late.
       In 267:2 he says that the Minhag is to pray Arbit early on Friday night.
      So, the Shlchan Oruch is praying Minha after Plag on Thursday night, and on Friday night he is praying Arbit early.
       How, early? If you'll tell me bein hashmashos, that can't be because the reason of praying Arbit early is because of Tosefet Kedushat Shabbat which must take place before bein hashmashot.
       Isn't it obvious?
Reply:  Put your thumb back where it belongs and don't start making Diyukim in Shulchan Aruch. That is the regular standard way the Shulchan Aruch writes his Halachot. Besides, he wrote the Halachah of De'avad Kemar Avad even though in his city it didn't apply, but in other places it does apply. In Hilchot Shabbat he was not addressing this issue. This is so common in Halachah, that I'm going to ask you to stop making Sevarot & just plug away finish Shas a few times & run through Shulchan Aruch without your thumb, and get a broad knowledge before you end up with a distorted way of learning. It's hard to deprogram yourself once that happens.

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