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Author:  Yakov
E-mail:  koobydeh@aol.com
Date:  9/11/2003 12:35:00 AM
Subject:  poresh min hatzibur
Message:  rabbi abadi,
please in no way take this as an attack on you, but in reading your letters, while i do see they are all halachakly correct, is there an issue of being "oresh min hatzibur" in pakening differant then most other modern poskim?
thank you for your time
Reply:  Poresh Min Hatzibbur (literally: seperating from the group), is a completely different issue. This is when a person does not join the community around them while they are joining together to do a Mitzvah or good deed.
Very often in history the "Tzibbur" (community) was not following the Torah correctly. We don't follow them, we follow the Halachah. Read some Navie, even though it was banned by the Yeshivos. Peek a little, nobody will see.

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