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Author:  Shauly
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Date:  4/6/2008 10:26:00 PM
Subject:  response
Message:  your answer to my tehilim question was look it up in the maaseh harav which if i remember correctly is only talking about adding tehilim to davening so otherwise it would be mutar?
and with women davening mariv, you say look it up in a tosfos in brachos with all due respect thats tosfos shita which we dont pasken like, the mechaber paskens like the rambam pashtus and the mishna brura brings down a magen avrohom which paskens like the ramban (which i dont think the ramban says anything about women davening mariv) the mishnah brura then pakens halacha lemaseh thart women are mechayev in shacharis and mincha, now nowhere in that whole sif is tosfos shita brought down which means that not the mechaber not the rema not the magen avrom and not the mishna berurah paskens like tosfos now kol hakovod to your father who is a huge gaon who through his learning decides that tosfos shita is right but as the chazon ish wrote you cant pasken against a mesorah we have a mesorah (mechaber,rema,magen avrohom,mishna brura) that we dont pasken like this tosfos so if the whole shita that women are mechuyav is based on this tosfos its shelo kihilchasah.
Reply:  In regards to Tehilim, if you want to say it for a sick person, look up the Gemara in Shavuout 15b, & Shulchan Aruch Yoreh Deah 179 #8.

In regards to Women praying Arbit:
Tosfot says "even though it is Reshut, you still must do it, unless certain specific circumstances..."
The Ro"sh agrees. The Ri"f brings something similar, and the Ramba"m says that even though it is Reshut, you shouldn't eat till you pray....

The Beit Yosef brings this Tosfot le'Halachah in #235 in O"CH

The fact that the Mishneh Berurah does not push Arbit for Women is no indication that he disagrees with the above. His reason is "Tafasta Merubah, Lo Tafasta!"

Now, with "all due respect," do respect!

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