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Author:  Confused as Usual
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Date:  4/3/2008 6:02:00 PM
Subject:  Beit Dinim
Message:  Dear Rabbis,

I have a very serious question about a topic I have never really understood well. I did not grow up religious, so please humor me a bit . . .

It seems that we are supposed to be able to bring issues where one Jew has wronged another Jew to a Beit Din, a religious court. Yet, I have never really seen a religious court operating in this way. Mostly, they are taking care of Divorces and conversions and not much else.

Outside of some very tightly knit Hassidic communities, are there any Beit Dinim that actually function to arbitrate disputes or take care of situations where the law is clearly been breached?

How does one bring something to the court? Does it have to be something really big, or can it be a small matter? Are there different levels of Beit Dinim?

Thank you for all you do!
Reply:  Most people will say that Batei Din today do not operate in the proper way. If someone owes you money and you don't expect to get it in a Beit Din, you can go to court.

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