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Author:  Shaully
E-mail:  not available
Date:  4/2/2008 9:08:00 PM
Subject:  bishul akum/treifos/kashrus
Message:  sorry for all the questions now.
1) If a Jew turns on the pilot light is that enough regarding bishul akum for ashkanazim.
2) Does your father hold ashkanazim have to be makpid on beis yosef shechita (treifos)
3) How can a sfardi eat in most resturants if only the fire is turned on by a Jew while the rest is done by a non-jew
4) Your father holds its mutar to rely on ingredient check, Is this true by deepfry products as well bec its very possible that yesterday they used a non-kosher ingredient and the deepfry pots are nevr cleaned out (heard this from a reliable rav who works in kashrus) therfore you cant render it benyomo.
Reply:  1) No
2) Neither have to be machmir
3) Please look it up in Ohr Yitzchak Yoreh Deah 24
4) Based on a rule of thumb in life "never say never" please ask that Rav to clarify 'never'.

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