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Author:  Shaully
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Date:  4/2/2008 8:33:00 PM
Subject:  Tehilim
Message:  1)What exactly your shita about saying tehilim in some posts you seem to say its asur while in others you reccomend saying just one chapter. If someone is sick it seems everyone says tehilim and no one makes a macha (not to mention the tehilim rallies they have for Israel every one in a while) Plus by a levaya we always start with a kapitl. (If you dont mind can you place mar mekomos so I can be meayain.
2)In one of your posts you say that women have the same halacha for tfilla as men vha rayah that they are mechuyav in mariv (I havent found any other reason from any of your posts why they should be mechuyav) If im not mistaken mariv is only reshus and were only mechuyav in it nowadays based on minhag (minhag yisroel kahalacha) based on that i think the gamara paskens (could be a rishon) that if a makom or any group never accepted upon themselves to daven mariv they would be patur from mariv. If you look around for the most part women never accepted upon themselves to daven mariv even those who do daven every day shachris and mincha most dont daven mariv. What then is the basis for your fathers shita that women are mechuyav to daven mariv?
Reply:  1) Look thru the Gr"a's Sefer "Maaseh Rav."

2) Tosfot on 4th Perek Berachot near beginning says specific cases where being a Reshut gets you off the hook. All others must pray. Look it up.

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