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Author:  Aryeh Leib Perles
E-mail:  alperles@hotmail.com
Date:  9/8/2003 1:45:00 PM
Message:       You mentioned a few times that a person should avoid davening Maariv/Arbit before sunset even on Fridays. Can you explain to me the problem?
According to the Mishna Brurah it is OK if a person davened Mincha before Plag. According to the Oruch Hashulchan it is OK even if a person davened Mincha after Plag, provided that this is done with a Minyan.
     If your concern is the fact that we normally daven Mincha after Plag(so we are not allowed to daven Maariv after shkia) and you should not change from day to day, that is an Ashkenazic Chumra of the Mogen Avrohom, and he himself is lenient on Friday night for Tosefes Shabbos.
      Were you only referring to a case where a person davened Mincha after Plag, and you are going with the Mishna Berurah?
        I am sure you are aware of the Gemorrah in Berochos "RAV MATZLI SHEL SHABBOS B'EREV SHABBOS."    
            Thank you.
Reply:  I wonder if after I show you the answer to this, will you then immediately stop praying Maariv/Arbit before sunset?! Or is this just "talking in learning?" We'll see.....
Look at Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim Siman 233:1, where he says that "one must always follow one of the opinions and not change back and forth." And look into the whole topic. This isn't one of those topics that can be learned with a few hours of looking here and there.
It is very clear that today the overwhelming majority pray Mincha commonly after Plag HaMincha, and therefore we don't even have the option of De'Avad KeMar Avad. Even the Ram"a doesn't argue with the Mechaber except to say that in his areas the custom was like Rabbi Yehuda, but in our day and age everyone would agree to the Mechaber.

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