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Author:  Devorah
E-mail:  devorah9205@yahoo.com
Date:  3/30/2008 9:41:00 AM
Subject:  Salad Spinner on Shabbos
Message:  I am sorry for posting my question again but I have not gotten an answer and I see more questions answered but not mine. It is possible that these questions were asked first or you are looking into my answer. I am asking again in case it is that you never received it so I apologize in advance if you did and have just not had a chance to answer. Question - Are you allowed to use a salad spinner on Shabbos. There is no electrical, you pull a cord which spins an inner bowl that holds the lettuce. The bowl spins, letting out the water through the holes in the bowl into the outter bowl. You then open it and spill out the water. Are you allowed to use this on Shabbos?

Question 2- I understand that there is no need to cover granite counters or pour boiling water over them but what if they have been sealed with something by the people who install the counters. I do not know what is in the sealant. Do I now have to cover the counters or pour boiling water over them?

Thank You
Reply:  1) Problem.

2) No need

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