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Author:  SA
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Date:  9/4/2003 9:49:00 AM
Subject:  berachot
Message:  1.     If I make a beracha outside on a drink or snack and then walk into a … (see below), do I make another beracha?
a.     House
b.     Building
c.     Car
d.     Train
e.     Subway platform

2.     Same for if I make a beracha on candy or gum.

3.     if I make beracha on a subway platform and then go into the train, do I make another beracha?

4.     Same questions 1,2 &3 for inside going from inside to outside.

5.     For all above, can I make the beracha achrona (after beracha) where I finish, or must I return to where I made the original beracha?

6.     If I make a beracha outside and I am walking with it and I take a sip every few blocks, must I make a new beracha each time?   What if I put it away in my backpack between sips, do I make a new beracha?

Thank you.

Reply:  1) Yes
2) Same, unless the flavor in the gum is gone, then you don't need a Berachah (Blessing).
3) Yes. Try to avoid these situations.
4) Same
5) No comment. Don't eat like that.
6) Same as #5

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