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Author:  David Lewis
E-mail:  davidlewisnmn@yahoo.com
Date:  3/28/2008 2:24:00 PM
Subject:  Amy's Hechsher
Message:  Rabbi Hazden seems like a good mashgiach (of the Ner Tamid-k on Amy's products), and I was wondering if you had any specific reason for not trusting the Ner Tamid-k on most (but not on all) of Amy's products. I sent you an e-mail asking this question to which you did not reply, but perhaps you were too busy.

After not hearing form you, my partner and I contacted Rabbi Dov Hazden, mashgiach of the Ner Tamid K. He has smicha from Rav Moshe, eats the items with his hasgacha, and he seems pretty reliable. He said that some of Amy's products do not have his Hashgacha, because they use red wine vinger, but they may be worked out soon, and Amy's may begin to use a redwine vinegar from Kedem.

I think it is laudable for someone not to eat food when they do not personally know the mashgiach, but I think that when one is asked about a hashgacha given by someone they do not know, if the only reason that they cannot recommend their hashgach is because you do not know the mashgicha, that should be explained. Otherwise, telling people that a hasgacha is not reliable, without having any confirmation that the hashgacha is not reliable would seem to be slanderous and hurtful to the reputation (and therefore livelihood) of the mashgiach whom may be a very good person.
Reply:  please point me to the posting you refer to?
Unless you assumed not receiving a response to an email was a negative?

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