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Author:  E. Cohen
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Date:  3/19/2008 11:44:00 PM
Subject:  Kosher Supplements
Message:  Dear Kevod Torato,
I am writing to ascertain the kashrut of 2 weight management supplements.
1. This is a nutritional bar (fucoprotein bar by garden of life) with the following ingredients: organic pure wildflower honey, organic whey protein, native whey protein, organic brown rice protein, vegetable glycerin, organic peanut butter, organic peanuts, peanuts, organic fiber blend of organic acacia, organic chia seed, organic chia meal, organic peanut flour, organic vanilla, sea salt, brown seaweed concentrate (fucoxanthin), organic extra-virgin coconut oil.
2. The next is a protein powder meal supplement ("perfect meal" by garden of life) with the following ingredients: native whey protein, konjac glucomanan, organic oat beta glucan, oat fiber, calcified red algae, organic acerola cherry, chromium rice amino complex (chelate), probiotic blend (like the beneficial bacteria found in yogurt), xylitol, natural flavors, salt.
With great appreciation and respectfully,
E. Cohen
Reply:  Kosher

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