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Author:  Leona Fallas
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Date:  3/13/2008 11:58:00 PM
Subject:  Opening Soda Bottles on Shabbat
Message:  Dear Rabbi,

I have a question for a school project.

Through my research, I have only found reasons why we are not allowed to open bottles and cans on shabbat, or loopholes on how to open it. (For example, puncturing the top of the bottle or throwing away the cap).

But on this website it seems like you believe its okay to open cans and bottles on shabbat in order to get to the drink inside.

What is the reasoning behind allowing us to open the bottles on shabbat, if we aren't allowed to drive to the store to get food?

Thank you so much!

Leona Fallas
Reply:  The reason why people say not to open bottles and cans, to my knowledge, is because you are creating a "Keli," a vessel...
We don't normally reuse these bottles and cans for other things. We are not trying to create anything. We just want to get the stuff that is in the bottle/can into our plate or cup.
Educate me on your concerns...

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