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Author:  Elie
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Date:  8/30/2003 9:50:00 PM
Subject:  subway and minyan
Message:  1) The commercials for subway advertise that they bake cheese into some of their breads, their new special item. Could this pose a problem, lets say, if this bread is baked in the same oven as the cheeseless bread?
2) In order to fulfill tefilla betzibbur, does one have to start with the minyan, or can he simply join in the middle. This has many practicle applications, namely, how much of pesukei dzimra one should skip, and whether he should take his time during shema if it means that he won't be able to start shemoneh esrei with the chazzan.
Thanks for the reply!
Reply:  1) Two types of bread have cheese, and are clearly not Kosher. This has been posted many times. The same oven is not a problem. Also explained many times.
2) The ideal is to start together. If you could not, then even start later as long as they are still praying. There is a Machloket (debate) as to when you are too late to be considered a part of the Minyan (group). Praying along with the Chazan can cause more problems than the benefits. Pray with the Minyan.

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