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Author:  sammy
E-mail:  s@avoidant.org
Date:  8/28/2003 12:08:00 PM
Subject:  Ring / Washing
Message:  Rabbi Abadi,

I hope you can help me clarify your answers on the topic of a man removing his rings when washing.

It seems from the Kaf Hahaiim that a man need not remove rings when washing, since he does not usually get dough or other substances under them, nor remove them at other times in order to not get the dough there in the first place.

I assume a woman must remove her rings to wash since she either removes them to knead the dough or gets dough under them, which would apparently be the real chatzitza.

So assuming a man is not accustomed to doing things that would get a catzitza under his rings, and does not remove them to go to bed or at any other time (except for mikveh) would he then be required to remove them to wash?

Thank you,

A different Sam
Reply:  He has who to be soimech on.

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