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Author:  JJ
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Date:  8/28/2003 11:35:00 AM
Subject:  Heretics
Message:  The Rambam says we are supposed to hate apikorsim (see end of Thirteen principles in perush ha-Mishnah). Since the non-religious all around us are apikorsim and not tinok she-nishba, why are we not taught to hate them. Is it that we reject Rambam here because it is impossible to do kiruv if we hate them?
Reply:  We should hate all God's enemies, but we should not walk around cursing at people. Hate is a feeling. If you have a close friend who is dear to your heart, and someone deliberately hurts him and tries to ruin his life, you would hate that person because of how he treats you dear friend. The same goes for the God whom we love so much that his enemies are our enemies. If we walk around screaming at everyone, we won't be walking to long. On the other hand, if we find an opportunity to turn around one of those enemies to try to become a friend, that would be nice.

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