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Author:  dovid
E-mail:  digginglory@hotmail.com
Date:  1/30/2008 4:52:00 PM
Subject:  kashrut - gum
Message:  i was wondering what the exact reasoning is behind why many poskim hold that wrygleys gum - and all other goyshah gum - isn't kosher? is it because of non-kosher ingredients being used or a lack of hashkacha within the factories?

i was also wondering what the reason behind why some people make a bracha on gum while others don't - i would think it is a matter of metzios whether it is considered food or not!?

toda rabbah & Hashem should bless ya
Reply:  The gum-base and its softeners, is what is possibly unkosher and that is not digested into the body even if it does get swallowed. The hashgacha companies' policies don't hold this way.
I didn't know (or I don't remember) that some people don't make a bracha on gum. I have no idea why

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