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Author:  Alex Tabakman
E-mail:  wildcat@stoned.com
Date:  8/19/2003 11:36:00 AM
Subject:  Davening vest
Message:  In my shul there is a rule that anyone who davens for the amud (whoever acts as the cantor) must wear a jacket. Now, many individuals who want to daven for the amud don't bring a jacket. So, there is this one guy who supplies these people with a 'loaner' - it's this ugly blue vest which looks like a cross between a bullet proof vest and a life jacket. It is not at all respectable - I wouldn't wear that on a first date!!
Is this really better than not wearing a jacket at all? What do you think should be done?
Reply:  I think maybe we should add a "Gartel" to the mix and really spiff it up.

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